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First Shooter Fred Tapia
Camera: Canon 7D
Second Shooter Angel Santana
Camera: Canon 30D
External Flash: None  
Location: Whittier CA
Event: Uptown Whittier Classic 
iCar Show
Date: 8-16-2014

Uptown Whittier has been host to the Uptown Whittier Classic Car Show now for 14 years and counting. As you can see from the banner the show started out as a classic car, Car Show but in the last 14 years it has grown to include everything from Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Motorcycles, Lowriders and of course classic cars. With over seven total streets closed off for the show. It gets to be one of the better shows in the LA area. Unfortunately because of the success of this show it is also very hard for us to get clean pictures of all the cars that show to participate. So our number of pictures are few. Not because there are not that many cars worth taking pictures of. But because of all the people that show up to enjoy the show is in the tens of thousands. And believe me when I tell you that most people are to busy admiring all the cars and never notice that we are trying to take pictures so they stand right in front of us or get right in the picture. I of course also get into the show, so much that we do our best but don't shoot as many pictures as I would like to. But the few that we did take I am pretty sure you will enjoy.