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Photographer: Fred Tapia
Camera: Canon 7D
External Flash: EX 580ll  
Location: Lakewood CA
Event: Our Style Car Club 
Car Show
Date: 9-07-2014

The Our Style Car Club has been around for quite a few years. It is in no way a new or resent comer to the Lowriding Lifestyle. The one thing about this Car Club that stand out as soon as you read their plague is the name. Our Style and it means what it says, their style. Our Style CC has been riding their way from the start and creation of the club. I for one have to give them a lot of credit, for doing what they do best their way. Most of you may or may not remember Frank Sinatra "old Blue Eyes" had a song that had a verse that said. I did it my way and I for one will live till the day I die with that very same thought. I will do it my way and I give big, huge props to anyone that has that kind off mentality. Our Style has and will always get my respect as a club because when everyone else is running and planning to get ready for the DUB Show they did a car show on the other side of town right in the heart of the Harbor area. Yes they knew it would not be huge or that it would not bring all the Car Clubs down. But they knew that those that don't live by we have to be part of the big pictures would show up and show they did. From clubs like Together CC, Majestics CC, Way of Life CC, La Gente CC to very new clubs that I had never even heard of until I showed up at the Our Style Car Show Sept. 7 they put on a show that all that showed up to enjoy did just that enjoyed, enjoyed and enjoyed a good time. Whatever anyone wants to say we as Lowriders have been doing things our way and Our Style Car Club could almost be the leader of that way of thinking. So I will say great job on your show Our Style Car Club. Doing it the lowrider way.