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First Shooter: Fred Tapia
Second Shooter: Angel Santana
Canon 7D & Canon 30D
External Flash: EX 580ll  
Location: Norwalk CA
Event: Summer Shabang  
Car Show
Date: 5-30-2014

The sponsors of this Car Show asked the lowrider community to come out and help raise money and support a good cause. It was billed as a fundraiser for leukemia and they called it a Summer Shabang. Well we were technically are a few days short of summer but that did not make a difference. A Shabang it was and the turn out was to have expected from the BIG HEARTED Lowrider community. Everyone that could have made it was there. The car clubs that were representing and supporting were to many for me to make an accurate list but this is what I remember. The Classic's CC, Reflections CC, Viejitos CC, Together CC, Old Memories CC, Devotions CC, Classic Dreams CC, Majestics CC, Groupe CC, Q-VO Artistics CC, Stylistics CC, Pharaohs CC, Millenium CC, Emotions CC, Blvd Bombs CC, Dukes CC, and last but not least Mexicanos MC. If I missed or forgot a Car Clubs that was representing, please let me know and I will add you to these list. Which I am sure I missed a few, so let me know. Well if you were there you know it was a huge success and if you were not there. Not only was it a huge success we had a blast and that is why I can not remember everyone that showed up. But one thing I will not forget, as always the Lowrider community has stood up and supported what is right and charitable.