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First Shooter Fred Tapia
Camera: Canon 7D
Second Shooter Angel Santana
Camera: Canon 30D
External Flash: None  
Location: Hawaiian Gardens CA
Event: Imperials Car Club 
Car Show
Date: 7-20-2014

When you hear the word Imperials and you live in LA the are two things that come to your mind. One is little Anthony and the Imperials. The other is the Imperials Car CLubwhich was made famousby one of their cars being in the opening segment to a sircom on TV. That car was Gypsies Rose and it made the Imperials Car Culub world reowned but in the Lowrider world if you hear the word Imeprials you know that we are talking about the Imperials Car Club. And there is one thing that as a lowrider you will do when the Imeprials Car Club has a car show. And that is attend participate or just be part of the event in what ever way you can. We atLowrider Hunnies would not miss any event or car show put on by the Imperials. Cause almost all the Car Clubs local to LA will show and show they did on July the 20th. There were so many clubs that we did our best to cover as best we could but there were just to many cars so if we missed your club banner or plague will tried but the day was just not long enough. Enjoy and see you all at the next Imeprials Car Show.