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Photographers: Fred Tapia
Camera: Canon 7D
External Flash: EX 580ll  
Location: Commerce CA
Event: Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon Solitos CC 
Date: 9-29-2013

When you talk about Car Club unity you have to think about all the Volks Wagon Car Clubs in the LA area. This past Sept 29 at Steven Steak House was the place to have experience what I am calling VW Nation. It was a site to see, every type of VW was being represent that day at Steven's with almost every VW Car Club being represented by at least one or two cars. It got jam packed inside Steven's for brunch. VEE-DUD-VEEDDA Car Club was host to this event and it was one huge success. The VW Car Clubs are more family oriented and they brought their kids and other family members so it almost got to were you had to wait in line for the buffet style brunch for at least 15 minutes. But we had fun that day with the music that DJ Tony Shout played and all the dancing, drinking, raffles and the trophies presentation. Lowrider Hunnies would like to thank all that showed up to the event. You all were great and we look forward to the next time you have another event at Steven or any other place were we can show up and give your event coverage.

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