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Photographer: Fred Tapia
Camera: Canon 7D
External Flash: EX 580ll  
Location: Commerce CA
Event:  Little Willie G & Thee Midnighters Concert
Date: 8-31-2014

Labor Day weekend was a three day holiday and we took advantage of that time to party, party and party. We were none stop from thursday night to Monday afternoon. On Sunday we took the time to go to the Little Willie G. & Thee Midnighters concert. The whole concert was great from Rocky Padilla performance to Little Willie G performance. The place was packed to packed if you ask me but I still enjoyed the concert with comp tickets that we got from the Majestic to the free food that came with the tickets it was all good. I would have love it more if Little Willie G had not gone in to a Ray Charles tribute but when you get a pair 30 dollar comp tickets you just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. So now it is your turn to enjoy the pictures