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Photographer: Fred Tapia
Camera: Canon 30D
External Flash: EX 580ll
Location: Steven's Steak House
Commerce CA
Event: East Los All Stars
featuring Rocky Padilla
Date: 02-09-2014

Well here is just another of the Sunday brunch events that The Majestic's CC Inc. are hosting at Steven Steak House. It seem that Ray Carrion and the East Los All Stars are a favorite bands for these events at Steven's. But then again why won't they be a favorite to these events since the band member that now form East Los All Stars are just that. All Stars in thier onw right with musician coming from bands like Tierra, War, Thee Mid Nighters, El Chicano and many other great bands that have made music history. Why wouldn't they be favorites? Well this event along with many more event are plan to be hosted by the Majestic's CC Inc. at Steven's so if you like thiese kinda of music and want to enjoy great music by some very talented great musician just keep checking back in our events page so see what is coming.