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Fred Tapia
Angel Santana
Camera: Canon 7D
External Flash: EX 580ll  
Location: Commerce CA
Event: Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon Solitos CC 
Date: 9-22-2013

Solitos Car Club hosted thier Sunday Cruise at Steven's Staek House on the 22th of Sept. The vejitos Car Club, Artistic Car Club, Q-VO Car Club along with the Majestics Car Club and a few independents showed up represent. With the support of family and friends Solitos Car Club had a huge success with thier Sunday Cruise at Steven's. The Solitos Car Club has a strong membership were every member will show up to a planned event with any of thier car even the one at are still a work in progress. The only car that they dont bring are the one that are not driveble at the time of the event. The Solitos Car Club seem to have a very thight knit familia feel to thier club unlike other car club were it is just a car club. Eveyone in attendens had a good time with the food and music that DJ Tony played all afternoon. Well enjoy the pic's and we hope to see you all at the next event at Steven's Cruising on a SUnday Afternooon .

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