LRH: Ok Lowrider Peeps after one of our videographers saw this video that we shared Air bags vs Hydro's we had to know what was the real out come to this battle. So we called on a man that was at the beginning of all this dance contest at the car shows. ( He was a judge at many car dancing contest ) This man almost wrote the book on car dancing. He has been semi retired from the lowriding sport for about 15 years but we believe in what he has to say. Below is the verdict that Fred (Magoo) Tapia owner of Magoo's Originals ( a hydraulic shop ) and also an original member of The Majestic's CC. had to say about who won this contest This man has been installing hydraulics in cars since 1968 or somewhere around that time and didn't retired until 1999, well that is what we heard.

This is what Magoo wrote about the Air Bag vs Hydros contest.


Magoo: OK here is how we in my time used to judge the car dancing contest. We did the same thing that boxing judges do at boxing matches. In the break down below you will understand better what I am talking about. At the dancing contest we really had no time to count but with the people shooting video of this contest here is what I saw. The black car with the hydro's did not jump as high as the air bagged car in the beginning of the contest but the air bagged car also lost power half ways thru the competition. The Hydro car also started to run out of power at the end but it kept going and going till the very end. The air bagged car could not or would not continue dancing. The Hydro car had all it's power supply contained in the car, the air bagged car did not. Giving the air bagged car an unfair advantage which in our day would not have been allowed. So just on that one the air bagged car would have lost. We used to have to drive the car into the competition. Just like if we would have if we were cruising on the streets. And you can not drive down the street with a cart full of air cylinders behind you. It would be like a boxer having brass knuckles under his gloves. That would not be allow or fair. Now I don't know if it was a who could jump higher contest but it did not look to have been that kind of contest. After all the crowd also picked the hydro car as the winner same as I did. If it was about jumping higher then the air bagged car would have won. After all even though it only did it a few times it did jump higher. Now if this was a boxing match we would have counted every jab, upper cut, power punch, and even low blows and everything else. And we all know that many fights have been won not by a few power punches but by the boxer that beats the other boxer with more punches whether they are power or not. Unless the power puncher knocks the other boxer out. Which did not happen here in this contest.
My verdict is the Hydro car took to school the air bagged car. Hands down the winner by a long margin was the Black Hydro car. You can take a look if you do not believe my count, just slow down the video and count it out the Hydro car beat the Air bagged car 3 to 1.
One last thing I want to point out is that the air bagged car was just a shell, no motor or interior was seen by me. I don't know if the hydro car had a motor or interior but either way it won. But in my day you had to drive the car in which meant it had to have a motor and at least a driver side sit.

The break down

Red White and Blue Air bagged car

Pancake all 4 wheels - 17
Seesaw front to back - 46
Side to side left to right or right to left - 7
Side roll - 2
Jumping the front - 8
Jumping the back - 7
Around the world corner to corner - 3

Total moves done by the RWB Air bag Car was 90 moves

Black Hydro car

Pancake all 4 wheels - 15
Seesaw front to back - 101
Side to side left to right - 108
Side roll - 0
Jumping the front - 14
Jumping the back - 34
Around the world corner to corner - 0

Total moves done by the Black Hydro Car was 272 moves