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Photographer: Angel Santana
Cameras: Canon 7D
External Flash: none  
Location: Downey CA
Event: Just Memories C.C.
Summer Cruise
Date: 5-22-2016




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After Just Memories Car & Bike Club had their Summer Cruise this past Sunday at Bob’s Big Boy in Downey. I was left with a question for the lowrider community. So here goes. How do you fit 1,000 cars into the Bob’s Big Boy parking lot? Answer: (You let Just Memories Bike & Car Club have a Summer Cruise there.) OK Okay so it may not have been a 1,000 cars. But it sure looked like 1,000 cars packed into the Bob’s Big Boy parking lot. Every square inch of parking lot space was packed with cars and when I say cars I mean cars. Bob’s Big Boy in Downey has had a huge come back when it comes to having all kinds of different cars at their Wednesday Night Cruise. Just this past Wednesday night Bob’s Big Boy saw the parking lot packed with mostly import cars or what I call Mini Racers. I will post picture from Wednesday along with this post for your enjoyment. Just Memories Summer Cruise had every kind of car show up. I thought that after the Cruise Night at ELA’s Whittier Blvd the night before. Just Memories Summer Cruise would be OK but not packed. Well let me tell you I have never been so wrong. A lot of the Lowrider Peeps that where cruising the night before showed up to Just Memories Summer Cruise on Sunday. The Summer Cruise was a huge success be on what I had imagined. Just Memories C.C. squeezed every inch of parking lot space with cars and lowriding peeps. It was so packed there was little to no space to walk let alone park another car. But even thou it was jammed packed with cars and peeps there was something I had not seen in the Lowrider community in a cool minute. The Brotherhood and Camaraderie that everyone showed towards each other was not what I remember it being like. I sure was made to feel at home at the show by old and new friends. I enjoyed the day and show that all the car owners put on. It is days like this one that make me want to stay forever young. Just so I can build another Lowrider and hit the switches. OK Okay so I am looking for a new project to build and show off. But forget that, I am not here to talk about building me or anyone a Low Low. We are here to see what you that were not able to make it missed and those that did show up enjoy and to keep these pictures for the Memories. Well enjoy the pic’s and the Videos from Saturday’s Night Cruise at Whittier and at the Summer Cruise will be coming shortly. Enjoy and see you at the next show or Cruise.  Magoo